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Doctors, with only very rare exceptions, do not make house calls anymore. Traditionally, “as a rule”, attorneys have never made house calls. However, I am the exception to the rule. I do not mind the travel and I find that it is much easier on the client and the client is more relaxed and focused, when appointments are held in their home.

There are very few people who like to go to downtown San Diego, fight the traffic, find a parking place and find an attorney’s office that is up the elevator, on the 15th floor, last door, at the end of the hall. In addition, there are many elder San Diegans who do not get around as well as they used to or have difficulty drving and many more that have no means of transportation.

In addition, especially for the initial appointment, when collecting information in order to prepare a draft set of documents, there may be a file or some paperwork that may be needed that can easily be accessed, there at home, immediately, instead of sending information through the mail or by fax or phone. Plus, most people are much more at ease talking about estate planning (or any other subject) in the privacy of their own home.

Depending on when a “North County”, “South County” or “East County” day is next available, usually all appointments can be scheduled for the following week. The only caveate is that since traffic can be heavy at times, as well as unpredictable, appointments are typically scheduled within a 30 minute window (i.e. – appointment scheduled for a 3:30pm – 4:00pm starting time)


In home consultations is one of the features that sets Craig J. Bauman apart as an Estate Planning Attorney, Living Trust Attorney, Prenuptual Agreements Attorney, LLC’s formation Attorney, Corporation Formation Attorney, Wills Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Real Property Trust Transfers Attorney, Probate Attorney, Conservatorship Attorney, Guardianship Attorney, and Inheritance Disputes Attorney.
I’ll come to you for your free in home consultations and legal council. We all live busy lives and when it comes to legal matters, there’s nothing more time consuming and stressfull. Let me come take some of that stress from you and pay you a visit today to help you with your legal needs.

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